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Why I Love Pasta Maker ?

best pasta maker

Since I love fresh pasta, there is no other awesome way to get fresh pasta without a pasta maker. Perhaps a lot of people in the world love fresh pasta and assume that you also love fresh pasta.

I love fresh pasta since my boyhood. Whenever I eat fresh pasta in the restaurant, I become misty-eyed and remember my childhood days when grandma occasionally used to make fresh pasta and spaghetti at home.

At that time, no pasta making machines was available like now-a-days.  Everything was done manually at home with a lot of physical labor. We didn’t used to talk about best pasta maker those days.

Now-a-days, it is very easy to make fresh pasta at home. You can make it yourself if you have a good pasta machine and some time.

But, we are now literally flying and can’t spare time to make fresh pasta at home. Nonetheless, once you start to make pasta at home, you will fall in love with it.

Your kids will also love pasta since it is very delicious, nutritious and lovely as a quick meal.

Now you got , why I Love Pasta Maker ?

How Pasta migrated to  USA ?

Pasta was originally an Italian and European food and it is very popular there. After world war one, many of Italian and Europeans migrated to Canada and USA.

With the Europeans and Italians pasta also migrated to Canada and USA and now it is a popular snacks in USA and Canada.

Italians are number one in the world in eating pasta. Demetri, Justin mentioned in his book “History of Pasta” said that “It is estimated that Italians eat over 60 pounds (27 kg) of pasta per person, per year, easily beating Americans, who eat about 20 pounds (9.1 kg) per person.”   –

Picture : 19th century Maccaronaro selling pasta

Today pasta is found everywhere and found in dried , instant and fresh variety. Some types of pasta are served only fresh, others only dried and some others can have fresh and dried variety.

Dried Pasta

For longer shelf life and easy cooking now pasta are found in dried, fried (instant) form. Fresh Pasta are dried using a certain temperature and time. usually , the fresh pastas are dried at high temperatures for a shorter time.

But traditional pasta is dry slowly, normally up to 50 hours at a lower temperature.

Fresh Pasta

Fresh pasta’s recipes may slightly different from the dried pasta. Usually fresh pasta made with flour, eggs and water but it depends upon the recipe.