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Why I Love Pasta Maker ?

best pasta maker

Since I love fresh pasta, there is no other awesome way to get fresh pasta without a pasta maker. Perhaps a lot of people in the world love fresh pasta and assume that you also love fresh pasta.

I love fresh pasta since my boyhood. Whenever I eat fresh pasta in the restaurant, I become misty-eyed and remember my childhood days when grandma occasionally used to make fresh pasta and spaghetti at home.

At that time, no pasta making machines was available like now-a-days.  Everything was done manually at home with a lot of physical labor. We didn’t used to talk about best pasta maker those days.

Now-a-days, it is very easy to make fresh pasta at home. You can make it yourself if you have a good pasta machine and some time.

But, we are now literally flying and can’t spare time to make fresh pasta at home. Nonetheless, once you start to make pasta at home, you will fall in love with it.

Your kids will also love pasta since it is very delicious, nutritious and lovely as a quick meal.

Now you got , why I Love Pasta Maker ?

How Pasta migrated to  USA ?

Pasta was originally an Italian and European food and it is very popular there. After world war one, many of Italian and Europeans migrated to Canada and USA.

With the Europeans and Italians pasta also migrated to Canada and USA and now it is a popular snacks in USA and Canada.

Italians are number one in the world in eating pasta. Demetri, Justin mentioned in his book “History of Pasta” said that “It is estimated that Italians eat over 60 pounds (27 kg) of pasta per person, per year, easily beating Americans, who eat about 20 pounds (9.1 kg) per person.”   – https://www.lifeinitaly.com/food/pasta-history.asp


Picture : 19th century Maccaronaro selling pasta


Today pasta is found everywhere and found in dried , instant and fresh variety. Some types of pasta are served only fresh, others only dried and some others can have fresh and dried variety.

Dried Pasta

For longer shelf life and easy cooking now pasta are found in dried, fried (instant) form. Fresh Pasta are dried using a certain temperature and time. usually , the fresh pastas are dried at high temperatures for a shorter time.

But traditional pasta is dry slowly, normally up to 50 hours at a lower temperature.

Fresh Pasta

Fresh pasta’s recipes may slightly different from the dried pasta. Usually fresh pasta made with flour, eggs and water but it depends upon the recipe.


Best Food Processor

If you are a pasta lover, you need a food processor on your kitchen shelf.  Our website is not dedicated to food processors and there are websites out there who talk about the best food processor that you can go for.

Even though, we think it is important that we cover some best and quality food processor for you in one article. Therefore, we had to write this one.

No matter how awesome your pasta maker is, if you do not have a quality food processor, all the efforts of yours will go in vein.

It is not difficult to understand at the end of the day.  If you have a quality pasta maker, you can easily produce pastas from the dough, right?  Now think about it.

If you do not have the perfect dough, how can you prepare quality pasta out of it?

Some people might say that buying a food processor for your pasta need is way above from being normal and we agree with that thought.

It is kind of weird (not for pasta lovers) if you are thinking about buying a food processor only to prepare dough for your pasta.

Now think about it. Will you only be making pasta with the help of a food processor? The chance of that happening is pretty low.

You will never stick with only pasta no matter how much you love eating them. You will be making a lot of varieties of dishes in your kitchen and the food processors can support a lot of those.

So, what will we do in this best food processor article? To be honest, the article will be very big and the chance is pretty high that you will not read the whole of it.

That is fine. Just make sure that you read the important parts (which you think is important for your situation). As always, we made sure that the best food processor guide is a detailed one and that it has enough information for the beginners too so that they do not find them in a deep ocean.

Let’s first have a look at the best food processor reviews of today’s time and then we will have a look at the things that you need to know before buying the best food processor for your kitchen.


Best Food Processor 2018

In this section, we will talk about the best food processor that we found around. Obviously, you do not need to go with our items and you can pick one of your own.

We do not consider ourselves experts on food processor as we are a website of pasta makers. But we did our research and came up with the best possible options for you guys. Let’s check them.

Hamilton Beach 70670 Chef Prep Food Processorbest food processor

The first one in our list is the Hamilton Beach Chef Prep food processor. The machine is designed by Hamilton Beach and it is a good company.

The product is very good in terms of price and you will like that pitch black color too. The product has a great motor and it can take up to 10 full size cup of water.

The machine is not small and can be used on emergency situations (if you have a sudden party at home).

The machine is completely dishwasher safe which is another great part about this one. The food processor comes with one year warranty.

Hamilton Beach 70730 Bowl Scraper Food Processorfp2

The next in our list is another Hamilton product. We initially thought it will be awkward if we put two Hamilton products one by one in this review.

At the end of the day, we had to do the right thing. This is a world famous product in food processing industry.

This is an old model and can take up to 10 cups of water. There are two different speed settings and the motor is a decent one with 450 watts of power.

Hamilton Beach is a brand that you can trust on and therefore, we highly recommend this model too.

Cuisinart DFP 14 Cup Food Processorfp3

Cuisinart is an old brand but the product is brand new in the market. Though it is new, it has already been able to create buzz around. If you are looking for something big then this is the one that you should go for.

There are different style options for you with different features. The motor takes around 720 watt which is pretty large.

The machine can obviously carry up to 14 cup of water which should be big enough for any house party or a pasta fest.

Overall, this is definitely something that you should look for.

Cuisinart FP 8SV Elemental Food Processorfp4

This is another Cuisinart product which is not that famous compared to some other ones (for example the last one) that we reviewed.

We had to review this one and keep it in our list as we think this is a brilliant product for pasta makers.

There are two different versions in terms of size and if you are a pasta lover, you should go with the 8 cup size.

There are different color options too which is pretty rare in the world of food processors.

The slicing disks are great and the removable nature of the product makes sure that you can clean it perfectly. Overall, this is a good product to go for.

Black & Decker FP1600Bfp5

Did you hear about the brand Black and Decker before? There is a good chance that even if you are not a kitchen person, you might have heard about this brand.

Black and Decker is a famous brand in the world of not only kitchen but also to the home appliances and cleaning products.

Anyway, their food processor is a high class one and there is no reason that why you should not depend on this one for your pasta or other food needs.

The machine is not that big and it can carry up to 8 cup food which is not bad either. The measurement is also standard for a kitchen table and the 450 watt motor keeps things normal.

Hamilton Beach 70725A Food Processorfp6

Frankly, we are a bit worried that you might think we are being biased towards Hamilton Beach and Cuisinart.

The rest of this review article is all about them. Again, we assure you that these are great products and you can have a look on your own on the reviews.

The Hamilton Beach 70725A can take up to 12 cup of Stack and the products is very interesting in terms of design.

The product is easy to control as the designs are basic. There will not be any difficulty in work with this product even if you are a newbie.

This is a low budget end product so you should not expect a ton of features from this one.

Conair Cuisinart DLC Mini Food Processorfp7

There are people who do not need a huge food processor for their daily needs. They are happy with a simple bowl of pasta and they do not want something huge in their kitchen.

If you are one of those who need a mini food processor for minimum usage then this is the perfect option for you. There are different colors which can actually end up being a great gift too.

The machine can hold up to 4 cups of water which is good enough for a one time meal.

Overall, this may not sound one of the greatest products of all time but if you think about the mini nature, this is a pretty good one to go for.

Hamilton Beach 70740 Food Processorfp8

This is a medium size food processor which will fit almost all of your needs. This Hamilton food processor can take up to 8 cups of food inside and the motor is a standard one.

There is nothing much to say about this one when a website like Amazon where this product was a best seller.

The product comes at a very low price which is another reason that why people buy this one.

If you have never had any experience with food processor but are interested to go for one then this can be the solution for you.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Food Processor

So there are a ton of things that you should consider before buying a food processor. Obviously, we will not cover all of them here in this section but you should not worry.

We are going to cover most of the important best food processor ‘know how’ that you should know and which will be enough to ensure that you are going to buy an awesome food processor. Let’s start.

The Capacity

The first thing to look for in a food processor is the capacity of the bowl. Is the capacity or limit too low? Yes, that will be fine for a pasta session too but as you will not only be making pasta on your bowl, you have to make sure that the capacity is at least good enough to make some standard size dishes too.

You do not need to be blind because we already did the calculation for your benefits. If you have a family of four and if you want a food bowl that supports all of them, you will need a bowl that can take up to 10 cups of water.

What about the Blades

Blade is one of the most vital parts of your best food processor. If your food processor does not have quality blades, there is no way that your foods will be mashed properly.

Think about the dough that you will be making while preparing pasta. Those dough have to be smashed properly and you need quality blades for that.

There is another angle to look at this. You have to make sure that the blades are not only great for the short run but also awesome in the long run.

If you are a kitchen person, you already know that knives work brilliantly initially. After a few years or months for some people, the knives lose their sharpness.

The case is similar here too. Therefore, you have to make sure that you are going for the best food processor that has great blades for the long run.


The next thing that you should look for in a quality food processor is the power. It is a lot like blenders if you think about it. There should be different power settings of your motor in a food processor and the processor should be able to shift from one to another setting swiftly.

Also (though this is a basic one), make sure that your house power cable and settings (voltage) is matching the machine that you are buying.

This is a common mistake that people do especially when they are buying from overseas markets. All the sockets and voltage lines are not equal and you need to keep that in mind while ordering your food processor.

Enough Functions?

The next thing to think about is that whether you are getting enough functions on your food processor or not. It actually depends a lot on your budget.

Those who have great budgets can buy food processors with a lot of functions. To be honest, you do not really need a ton of functions if you are a regular person like most others who will use a food processor to mash and prepare foods.

Some good examples of functions can be variable blades, disks and the attachments. You do not really need more than five different blade types so do not get intimidated when you see those products with thousands of blade options.


The next thing to worry about is the warranty. With this era of competition and bargaining, there is no point in going for a food processor which does not offer any warranty.

Therefore, you should make sure that you are choosing a food processor which offers a good warranty deal. There are two basic types of warranty.

Initially, the company will give a certain days of warranty for the main product and then there will be additional warranty for the motor and related inside parts.

Make sure that you understand the warranty deals properly before taking the next step. Getting a 5 year warranty is awesome but three years should be fine too. It all depends on the brand name at the end of the day.

Juicing Needs

You have to be a bit careful in this stage. If you are planning to make juices too along with regular food processing, you will have to go for a food processor which can handle the juice side of your needs.

There are not a lot of food processors out there which are good for making juices too but you will find some in the open world.

We highly recommend that if you are interested in making juices occasionally then you should go for a separate juice maker. There is a high chance that the life of your food processor will go low if you prepare juices regularly with it. You should not take that chance.


Cleaning can be a damn tough and boring task. If you are not aware about that early before you are buying the food processor, life can become extremely difficult.

We do not want you to face that and therefore, make sure that you are aware of the cleaning needs of the food processor that you are going to buy.

Some food processors do not need a lot of cleaning, some are machine washable and some need a lot of hand cleaning. Think about the one that will suit you and then go for it.

It may sound a non-important thing right now but you will thank us later on if you have thought about cleaning needs early.


You do not want to buy a new food processor once in every year. That does not make any sense and a little care and research on the initial phase can save you from that trouble.

There are a lot of companies out there in the food and kitchen industry. Where you think that more options will be awesome, they are not exactly that great in most of the time.

Therefore, make sure that you go for one that is durable for a long period of time. Food processor is something that you use regularly. Therefore, if you go for something that cannot stay fit even with overuse then that will be a waste of money at the end of the day.


Well, the idea is simple. If you are not a techie person, make sure that you do not go for a food processor which is tough to handle with lots of controlling options.

Yes, if you are a great techie person and can manage to receive the benefits of those extra controllers then there is no problem in going with a great processor with lots of options.

On the other hand, it is not worth it if you are not. To be honest, there is not much difference between those high tech and regular food processors when it comes to the taste of the food at the end of the day.

On the other hand, high tech comes with a huge cost. Keep these things in mind while you are choosing your best food processor.

Feeding Tube & Lid

One of the most common problems in blenders and food processors is the lid issues. You will often see that when you are working on full speed, the food is pouring out or leaking from the lid.

This is sad and there is hardly any way that you can stop this situation other than turning the power off. Therefore, when you are trying to buy the best food processor, you have to make sure that the lid is perfect.

If you are buying offline from stores, you can easily check by turning the machine on and looking at the lid areas. If you are buying from online stores, make sure that you check the customer reviews before buying one.

Try to stick with popular online stores because of their brand values. This will save you trouble, trust us.


Though it is a website about best pasta maker, we tried to make sure that we can help you enough with the food processors.

Hopefully, this article will help you to prepare better quality and tasty pasta from now on which was our prime goal.

How to Make Pasta with Pasta Maker


Introduction to Make Pasta :

If you are new with a pasta maker, it will be a tough task to learn how to make pasta with pasta maker. To be honest, this is not a tough thing to accomplish but you will have to make sure that you are doing it right.

Therefore, this article is dedicated to make sure that you are doing things right with the knowledge of how to make pasta with pasta maker. Let’s start this step by step guideline.


Homemade fresh pasta with Marcato Atlas 150 Classic – Video tutorial


Step 1

So the first thing that you will need is the ingredients. While you are managing the ingredients, make sure that you check them perfectly because one bad or old ingredient can damage the whole taste of your pasta.

You will not need a lot of stuffs to make a bowl of pasta. Here are the items that you will need:

  • Around two cups of all purpose flour
  • Three to four eggs
  • One table spoon of milk
  • One table spoon of olive oil
  • Salt up to taste (around one forth tea spoon is the standard measure)

Step 2

Now that you have all the ingredients that you need, it is time to use the machine. Fortunately, with the invention of food processor, we do not need to use our bear hands for everything.

Life is a lot easier these days. With that thought, let’s just put everything inside a food processor. Star the processing tasks and keep processing the items till the ingredients become dough.

When the ingredients become dough shaped, it is time to shape those into small balls. That is when this step completes.

Step 3

Now that you have the perfect dough balls, it is time to cover them with flours. Make sure that you are not overdoing this step. A good idea is to keep dough in a flour filled bucket and take them away immediately.

After you have done that step, simply cut dough in four different pieces. Take three of the dough and wrap them using a plastic wrapper. Again, make sure that you are using the plastic wrapper.

Many people avoid that step as plastic wrapper is not something that you always have in your kitchen.

Step 4

This is the step where the name of this article how to make pasta using pasta maker comes into play. Simply take the dough that you created earlier and take the roller of your pasta machine to stage 1 where it is the widest.

Now use the handle and roll the dough. If you think that your dough needs two to three rolls, do not hesitate and go for it.

If you feel that the dough is not being rolled properly and there is a chance that it will break down, simply use a bit of flour. Do not pour your dough to the flour like before.

This is the time when you will just spread a bit of flour over the dough. If you think that the dough is not in the proper shape even after two three rolls, do not hesitate to go for two-three more.

Step 5

After you have performed enough rolls with setting one, it is time to take the pasta maker to setting three and roll it for a few more times. After you have done that, let the dough to be dry.

Step 6

Now take the pasta roller and select the size and shape that you want your pasta to be like. If you are traditional then you do not have to do anything as they come in the perfect settings.

Now shape your pasta and while they are releasing on a shaped size and length from the other end, make sure that you catch those with your hand.

Do not use a bowl to collect them as that will damage the shape of the pasta.

Step 7

So, by now you have the pasta that you needed. It is time to decide whether you want to eat the whole thing now or you want to store some.

If you want to store some of it for later eating, use an air tight bowl or packet to store the pasta strips. Try to store those in the best possible shapes and do not store them immediately.

Give them air for around 3 hours so that they get dried. Only then you are allowed to store these pastas. Do not store them for a long time as they are not that durable. You should finish the eating tasks within two-three days.

So that is it. Now you know how to make pasta with pasta maker. Was this a tough task? Well, not really! It is time that you go for a pasta maker and start your journey.


Homemade Ravioli with Marcato Ravioli Tablet – Video tutorial